Branding, Astor Place, 2015

Astor Place is a short two-block street in NoHo/East Village, in the lower part of the New York City borough of Manhattan. It runs from Broadway in the west, just below East 8th Street.

I created a new branding system for Astor Place, consisting of a word mark, logo and gesture, to activate the plaza and to host a variety of events. From research, concept and design the new branding is bold and young, it shows activity and excitement. The bright red color is clearly seen from every street leading to Astor Place and welcomes you to the plaza.

Client: Village Alliance
Creative Director: Glen Cummings, MTWTF
Role: Art Director

The lock-up containing the Astor Place logo and word mark. The logo represents the crossing streets and 2 plaza’s that is part Astor Place.

The stationary contains the lock-up and word mark.

Promotion material used for events that will be held on the plaza’s. The active scribble is a mask for content that the material is promoting. is the website where all the information about the plaza lives. Read the latest news, find businesses within the directory, and learn about events happening.

Astor Place Radio will offer an interactive, self-guided audio tour of the stories that shape Astor Place. Considering its past and future, a diverse group of collaborators will expose the invisible forces that have collided within this intersection.

The banners hanging promoting the new branding around the Astor Place plaza’s.