Branding, Contemporary Showroom, 2010

Contemporary Showroom is specialized in 20th century design. (Cs) is well known because of it’s fine collection in the highest quality. Everything is well selected and only original pieces which are in a perfect condition are good enough.

I created a new branding identity that features a unique and hand made font. It combines a modern sans and a vintage serif, resulting in a font that feels unique but recognizable, contemporary but also vintage.

Client: Contemporary Showroom, Jarno Kooijman.
Role: Creative Director

The word mark of ‘Contemporary Showroom’ featuring the hand made font. Made into a rubber stamp for easy implementation across different spaces, print and retail usage.

Stationary is designed to have a distinct look and feel. Keeping the vintage look but also modern in design.

Announcement posters feature the hand made font in an oversized statue. Making a bold statement but staying classy at the same time.

All the furniture and art can be viewed an bought on the website.

The facade of the store in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.