Book, Gramsci Monument, 2015

Dia Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that initiates, supports, presents, and preserves art projects. It support projects “whose nature or scale would preclude other funding sources.
In 2013, Dia Art Foundation commissioned Thomas Hirschhorn to build Gramsci Monument, an overwhelming, complex, and excessive outdoor sculpture that measured 8,000 square feet and was located on the grounds of Forest Houses, a New York City Housing Authority development in the Bronx, New York. Daily and weekly events organized by the artist, Gramsci Monument concluded Hirschhorn’s series of “monuments” dedicated to philosophers.

This publication takes the form of a manual that details the complexity of creating an art work in public space, bringing together contemporary scholarship alongside accounts from residents, participants, and visitors.

Client: Dia Art Foundation
Creative Director: Glen Cummings
Role: Art Director
ISBN: 9783863356118

The front, inside and back cover contains all the participants of the artwork.

Reinhold Martin wrote the opening essay. He is a professor of Architecture at Columbia GSAPP, where he directs the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture.

The construction of the outdoor sculpture in the Bronx, in New York City.

Gramsci Theater, a play by Marcus Steinweg, written specially, directed by the artist and performed by local residents.

Tracie D. Morris wrote an essay ‘On Embodyment’. She is an interdisciplinary poet and scholar who has worked extensively as a sound artist, writer, bandleader, and multimedia performer.

The construction of the outdoor sculpture in the Bronx, in New York City.

Thomas Hirschhorn wrote the closing essay why he made this artwork and what he learned from making it.