Branding, The Plaza at Santa Monica, 2015

‘The Plaza at Santa Monica’ is a city-owned development property on 4th and Arizona in Los Angeles. The building designed by OMA Architects features levels on different floors where activities will take place. OMA Architects is led by famous architect Rem Koolhaas.

Together with OMA Architects, I worked on concept and design for a branding identity for ‘The Plaza at Santa Monica’. An axonometric logo that shows the different plaza’s that will each be utilized differently for each layer.

Client: OMA Architects
Creative Director: Glen Cummings
Role: Art Director
All model and rendering images courtesy of: Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Multiple rotating blocks make up the different plaza’s of the building.

Axonometric view that inspired the logo.

The word mark and logo lockup that features ‘The Plaza at Santa Monica’ stacked together with the axonometric logo of the plaza’s.

Stationary contain the logo and word mark separately from each other while still maintaining a relationship.

Promotional posters for different events.

All information about renting at ‘The Plaza at Santa Monica’, the building and design, and events can be found on the website.